An American Biblical Epic Film The Ten Commandments By Cecil B Demille

Cecil B DeMille is the director of The Ten Commandments. It tells Moses’ story in biblical terms. Yoshebel saves her child by placing him in the basket of the Nile River. The Pharaoh’s daughter, Memnet, recognizes the baby as Hebrew and adopts him. Prince Moses will become a successful general.

Moses and Nefretiri find love but must marry each other. Moses altered the way slaves were treated, which led Prince Rameses II accusing him of plotting an insurrection. Moses claimed that he was encouraging workers to be productive or helping them. Rameses II, who is now the “deliverer”, has been wondering if he’s the one to blame for this. Nefretiri learned that Moses was a son to Hebrew through Memnet. She killed him later. Moses works with the workers to learn more about them. Nefretiri encourages him to go back to his homeland to assist his people. He agreed and finished his last task. Moses saved Joshua. He also confessed to being a Hebrew. However, Dathan heard Moses’ confession and informed Rameses II. Rameses II then arrested Moses. He stated that he wasn’t the Deliverer and would still free slaves if possible. Rameses II is declared the next Pharaoh. He banishes Moses from the dessert. He made it to Midian to rescue the seven Amalekites sisters. Moses’s house was then surrounded by Girls. Moses, however, marries Jethro and their daughter Sephora. He then saw Joshua again and saw the Mount Sinai firebomb. Then he heard God’s voice.

Moses returned to Egypt to liberate his Hebrew people. Moses and Rameses struggled with their people to free Hebrews. Their staff became cobras, even though Moses staff was better. Moses was saved by Nefretiri when he claimed that he was married. Moses used God’s help in stopping the Egyptians using a pillar o fire. Moses splits the Red Sea. The Hebrews are fighting for the other. Moses opens the flood gates and submerges the Egyptian army. Rameses, empty-handed, returns to Nefretiri and tells her that “His god IS God.” Moses climbs the mountain once more with Joshua. Dathan, impatient, asks the Hebrews for help in building a golden calf-idol to gift Rameses. Most Hebrews have an extravagant and debauched orgy. Moses saw in two stones tablets the Ten Commandments that God had created. The tablets are thrown by Moses at the golden calves, which explodes, killing those who were not wise. A forty-year-old Moses leads the Hebrews into Canaan. Joshua was his name.

The story has a lot conflict. Rameses I orders the killing of all male newborn babies in order to avoid the “deliverer” to the Hebrews. Bithia Rameses’s daughter was the one who found Moses. The main conflict for me is when Rameses II discovered that Moses was the Hebrew’s deliverer and decided he would fight him. This story illustrates how God’s will transcends all. This movie is a wonderful mirror of obedience and will. Moses could approve or detest the teachings of being delivered and still lead a normal, happy life. He didn’t. As a child and student I learned to obey God’s will and that of my parents. So, as to the ten commands, which are the spiritual mirror of how you should be a good disciple to God. Acceptance and obedience are key to being faithful and willing to accept what is fated for us.


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