Hidden Figures: Thesis Statement

First, I will answer the question. Hidden Figures are people who do something important but don’t get credit for it. This movie could not have been better titled. Katherine Johnson, Dorthy, and Mary Jackson were three African-American women who helped send men into space. To be fair, I hadn’t heard of them before watching this movie. Hidden figures refers to people who are often overlooked and don’t receive the credit they deserve.

Hidden Figures was full of brave acts. Three of my favorite scenes were Mary Jackson walking to the courthouse and Katherine entering the top-secret meeting. Katherine also shared her feelings after returning from the bathroom. Katherine was determined to make it to NASA, but couldn’t have done that if she hadn’t taken a class. The problem was that the class was for only white people, and the majority of the men in the class were male. She didn’t mind, she just wanted the opportunity to pursue her dreams and become an engineer. She then walked up to the judge to ask him “Of all the cases heard today, which one will still be relevant 100 years from now?” It was a good question. The result was that she became the first African American woman to enroll in this segregated class. She had the courage to ask, and she got to go to court.

Katherine continued to put in a lot of effort to ensure that the rocket functioned. Out of all the NASA employees, she was the only one who could solve the math problems. She was even denied entry to the meeting to explain her findings. After she ran to show Mr. Harrison her work, he slammed her in the face. She was brave enough not to belittle her boss, and she told him “You’re the boss.” He just needed to act like one. He was courageous enough to allow her in, even though he wasn’t required to do so. However, he made the decision and is now content with it.

Katherine’s courageous act of going off after she had returned from the toilet was what I found most inspiring. Katherine had to run half of a mile to go to her bathroom. That’s crazy! One day it rained and she had no choice but to run to the restroom. After being wet, she was already anxious and Mr. Harrison tried to make fun of her for not being there all the time. She stood up, told everyone that she needed to walk half a mile to use a “colored bathroom”, and it was the end of the straw. She talked about how she had a coffee pot, which was always empty, and that nobody wanted to touch or use it. She made it clear and was courageous.

These three women were each courageous in their own unique ways. Each of the three women had a specific agenda to achieve their success. This movie shows three courageous women who did everything. Women of color never felt empowered without these three women.


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