How Disney’s Princesses Are Bad Role Models

The Disney Princesses have been idolized by little girls for years. Disney Princesses are not good role models, despite the fact that they teach valuable lessons. These Disney Princesses generated a fantasy, a world of illusions for young girls. The movies’ backstory was filled with unrealistic expectations, physicality and beliefs.

Halberstam’s claim goes against Disney movies’ usual themes. Halberstam argues in cartoons, such as Finding Nemo & Chicken Run, that the message isn’t to be yourself, but rather to do everything you can to build a better society. Remember that children are rebellious and do not understand death, love or failure. The term “princess”, as we know it today, was first used in 1924. It was used for someone who was admirable or kind. Ariel’s willingness to undermine her dad’s authority, or Belle’s willingness to exchange her father with Ariel are both popular among girls. Ariel’s beauty is used to seduce Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s inability to speak makes Eric fall for her. This film has a hidden message: Guys fall in loves with girls who are quiet. The movie shows that girls do not need to voice their opinion on anything. Silence is key to attracting men. Hence, these films are so popular because of their opposition to such ideas.

Halberstam explained that when people come together, they can be influenced by cartoons. I gave The Chicken Run as an example, where female chickens formed a group to escape the male chickens. Instead of seeing queer people as singularities, she suggested viewing them collectively. Disney Princesses were a major influence in children’s lives, and I believe this is true for other cartoons. I’m certain that many girls will say that Disney Princesses were their idols in childhood. It was me; I believed that I would automatically become more mature and be able solve all problems. Ariel’s fight with her father, and Eric’s reaction to it, made me think that it was okay at times to disregard my parents. Ariel was a wonderful person, and she should be respected. After I became older, Disney movies seemed to be incredibly flawed. In fact, Disney movies ruin girls rather than helping them. Disney princesses provided girls with things other films or shows couldn’t. Hope. We thought they were living happily everafter, and as we grew older we thought: we can too. Disney movies are fun for children, but once you reach adulthood you realize that it is illogical to think you can follow in their footsteps.

Unfortunately, many children are taught that everything can be sold. It is their wishes and desires that will bring them happiness. They think that their desires and wishes are more important than the relationships they value. They learn that people will only show them love and respect if they provide these wants. Not always. Disney’s chronicle of stereotypes is a dismal one. Particularly, the challenging narratives and classifications of women. Snow White was the innocent slave of her evil stepsister. Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty is next. She’s comatose throughout the film and finds her true love. Ariel, who is comatose for most of the movie and ends up with her true love. Peggy Orenstein says that princesses were once associated with fairytale magic. But now, “the definition of femininity is being narrowed.”

Many people wish The Disney Princesses would be gone. Disney’s most popular brand is not going to disappear. If it hasn’t done so already, the franchise will soon become the biggest for girls. People dislike the word “Princess”, as it represents a limited definition of femininity. Disney Princesses are a big influence on young people’s self-image.


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