Investigation Of How Marilyn Monroe Actually Died

Marylin Monroe found herself lying on her back, face down, in bed with an empty prescription for her depression. Marilyn Monroe was left by her therapist on the evening August 4, 1962. His friend thought that she should stay with her overnight as he was concerned for her. Marylin was then left alone when Marilyn Monroe’s friend, who said she “seemed fine”, disagreed. The history of the story tells many stories, and there were many events that occurred that night that made it seem like the circumstances could have had many causes. Some view Marilyn Monroe’s suicide as accidental overdose. Other people see it in the form of murder. No one knows the details of what happened that night. Marylin Monroe took depression pills to kill herself, according to all we know.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t have the best childhood. Marilyn Monroe was brought up in a home with multiple foster parents. She started a modeling career in 1944. In 1946, 20th Century Fox signed her contract. These things made her a movie star and made her a successful financial entrepreneur. However, she was also typecast. It was tiring for her to be called “those girls” back then. It all depends on how you view her story. So what happened? Did it happen by accident, murder, or suicide? Each side has its own arguments, but the one that is most obvious is murder. Marilyn Monroe committed her suicide. Despite being intelligent and well-known, she had many difficulties in her career. At a young age, she was considered a typecast. She was also prone to stage fright, perfectionionism, anxiety, and other issues. She requested retakes until it was perfect. That is why people said that she was ‘difficult for her to work with’. Susan Doll writes that Marilyn fell into deep depression when she realized she had been responsible for the death of her childhood idol. This is a sign that Marilyn Monroe didn’t know how she felt after all the events in her life. It could have spiraled outof control. Then she felt the need to take her life.

She dealt with many personal issues, as well as her work problems. She was a widower after three failed marriages. She was a fighter with 20th Century Fox and demanded to be paid properly. She was tired being called “dumb blonde” so she didn’t want a role on The Misfits. She decided to take a year off acting while she started her own company. Arthur Miller was her husband, and she wed Arthur during this time. They got pregnant soon after, but the baby was lost. Moriah Gil states that “shortly thereafter, she had to be admitted for an accidental drug overdose.” Marilyn Monroe once overdosed, so why would you believe she would do it again. She was horrified at the sexism in her past and the fact she had to act again. She continued to use drugs in an attempt to cope. She ended up spending a week in hospital. Marilyn Monroe clearly has drug problems and has overdosed many times before.

Some may argue that it was accidental. Although no note was found, it does not mean that one wasn’t there. Marylin was found by her friend after she saw the death of Marylin. She might have thought the note was about her and not want the rest of the world to read it. Marilyn may not have wanted to leave the note. Marylin Monroe was a well-known figure in the world at that time. So what could she have written about? According to The Chicago Tribute, Miss Monroe expressed many times her desire to stop, withdraw and even die. Because of the extent of her research, it’s no point sharing a note. It is already known that Marilyn Monroe was having problems. Even if she wrote a note, sharing it is the best thing. The purpose of a suicide note, which is not intended for publication, is to provide comfort and support to the victims.

Marilyn Monroe was well-known wherever she went. Her death at age 36 shocked the world. She was suffering from mental, substance and depressive disorders. Marilyn Monroe found an empty sleeping pill bottle beside her bed.

Marilyn Monroe’s passing had an enormous impact. Her fame was greater than that of her acting career. An autopsy revealed that Marilyn Monroe died from complications beyond her control.


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