Market Analysis Of Beyoncé “Lemonade” Album

Lemonade is the album I chose. This album was chosen because it is the most creative album I have ever heard. I’ve listened to and enjoyed music for ten years, and lemonade album 100% has remained my favorite. The rawness and mixed emotions she shows to the audience is a testament to how vulnerable she is. It’s almost as if we are in her soul, feeling the same emotions she feels when she takes that first step into Beyonce’s shoes. This is Beyonce’s sixth album. It was out April 23, 2016. It was instantly popular all around the globe. The album contains many images that capture Beyonce’s pain, anger, and sorrow. Lemonade was inspired by her grandmother’s touching story. This was: “Take one pint and add half a cup of water, then add half a cup of sugar, eight lemon juice, and half the zest of a lemon.”

The album helped thousands of people to connect with their inner feelings. It also made them feel stronger physically and mentally. The next album is being produced, and I’ve noticed that the songs don’t connect as well musically as Beyonce. The reason is that the artists who make the music aren’t as passionate about creating music that people love. Today, it doesn’t matter how many views a video has or what the next trend is. This is a dramatic shift from listening to good music and hearing artists releasing music just for money and fame. Jay-Z is a well-known and respected black artist. He has now created Tidal, an app for music. The app was not allowed to sell Beyonce’s album. Tidal was already at the top of the app stores before the release of the album. You can download the album at PS15 from itunes.

The album costs $17 on Tidal. 99 to stream or download. These prices may vary from one country to another, and may result in additional fees in some countries.


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