Must-Watch Drama Films Of Recent Years

Drama remains one of the most popular genres in cinema. Its ability to explore the human experience and emotions is what keeps audiences captivated. Drama films have had a major impact on the film industry as well as moviegoers in the last few decades. These modern gems are characterized by compelling narratives, outstanding performances, and thought provoking themes. They resonate deeply with viewers. We explore the best drama films from recent years, which have received critical acclaim. They deserve to be on any cinephile's watch list.

  1. "Moonlight", directed by Barry Jenkins is an enthralling exploration of sexuality, identity and self-discovery. This coming-of age story follows Chiron as he navigates through his relationships with friends, family, and his sense of himself. Moonlight's poetic storytelling, nuanced acting, and stunning filmography earned it the Academy Award of Best Picture. This is the first LGBTQ+-friendly film to be recognized for this.

  2. "The Shape of Water 2017"  Directed Guillermo del Toro's "The Shape of Water", "The Shape of Water", has a visually stunning, emotionally gripping fantasy drama. Set in the Cold War years, the story tells of an unconventional romance between a woman who is mute and a mysterious creature that can swim. The Shape of Water was awarded four Academy Awards in recognition of its unique blend of social commentary, romance and suspense.

  3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (2017) is written and directed by Martin McDonagh. It's a deeply moving and darkly comic exploration of justice, grief and redemption. Mildred, a grieving mother, challenges the local police by posting three controversial billboards. Frances McDormand is the star of this film which explores the complex nature of humanity and the quest for closure.

  4. "Parasite", directed by Bong-Joon-Ho, made history in 2019 by becoming the South Korean film that won the Palme d' 'Or Award at Cannes Film Festival. It then went on to win four Academy Awards, among them Best Picture. This darkly comedic satire examines how two families are affected by the stark difference between rich and poor. The film "Parasite", with its brilliant performances and thought-provoking comments on class struggles, became a worldwide phenomenon.

  5. "Nomadland", (2020), a film by Chloe Zhao is a moving and beautiful work that immerses the audience in a nomadic way of life. The film is centered around Fern (Frances McDormand), who travels through the American West to find freedom after she loses everything during the Great Recession. Nomadland won numerous awards for its heartfelt performances as well as its stunning cinematography.

  6. "Minari", directed by Lee Isaac Chung (2020), is a touching and intimate drama about a Korean American Family pursuing their American Dream in rural Arkansas, during the 1980s.


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