One Direction Toxic Fandom

As a Directioner/fan (the term for one direction fans), I value the success and happiness of my boys. Even when they are pursuing their own solo projects or making personal choices. I believe that all of the boys are equally gifted and necessary for One Direction’s success. They all have their own eras, but no boy is prettier than another. I also accept the fact that they will marry and date soon. I also ask that the boys not cyberbully their partners, stalk them, or give out any information. Accept that boys may not like women, but could also prefer men. Add to that, don’t pressure the boys to declare their sexuality. Defensive remarks or actions by a family member should not be criminalized. They are only responsible for their own words and actions. I love them all equally. The solos of the boys do not show which one is better. Their music and friendship are wonderful.

Fans of One Direction only care about the boys’ appearance and accent. They wouldn’t have been successful if they weren’t British and good-looking. These are pretty boy bands with no musical talent. They do not know what an earphone jack is, nor could they care less about music. Harry Styles is a guitarist who can be considered a real musician. Half of them can’t sing at all. It’s impossible to sing songs without auto-tune. And what boyband isn’t able to dance? What makes sense is that they’re the best boyband on the planet if you can’t even dance. It’s wrong to say that one direction was the greatest band of all time. Led Zeppelin The Beatles Queen and other pioneering bands were used as inspiration.

Their music is not written by them, and they do not play any instruments. The music they make is aimed only at young girls. The songs are sappy and manipulative, making gullible teenage girls feel special. One Direction are not a real band. Instead, they represent a brand that uses aggressive marketing to get young girls to buy expensive products. The Beatles were not organic, they are a product of a large company that is marketed for profit. They are also always compared with the Beatles. It is not mature to threaten and get angry at people because they do or don’t enjoy their music. It’s not likely that everyone will like their music. Stop acting like you’re the greatest band on the planet because you’re not. Their fandom was so toxic that they attacked everyone on social media until they deleted their accounts.


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