See You Again Chinese Drama Review And Ending Explained

Synopsis of the Plot and Summary

See You Again follows a Chinese time traveling drama, in which an old movie star meets a 21st-century screenwriter. Two people living in different universes are able to cross over the boundaries of space and time.

Xiang Qin Yu, a well-known actor from the 1930s, finds himself transported to the present day while filming. He is a man of pride on the exterior, but he's a softie on the interior.

In the 21st Century, he meets Jin A Yin. She is a simple, intelligent, and beautiful screenwriter. They fall in loves while together.

Xiang Qin Yu, meanwhile, investigates the shooting and uncovers the truth about the passing of time which determines their meeting.

See you again ending explained

See You Again, the Chinese drama, has a sad but reasonable ending. The ending was not what I expected. Many viewers may have known the ending before they started watching.

Xiang Qin Yu says at the end that he wants to go back in time. He was never willing to admit his feelings towards Jin A Yin, even though she felt the same.

Jin A Yin wants to be near him. She is stubborn, and she can't give up on Xiang Qin Yu or Li Long Da.

Watch You Again Review

See You Again, a Chinese drama which is often overlooked, is actually a very good one. The storyline is very good. The script has a nice mix of humor and suspense wrapped in a love story.

The audience will have their own opinion. Some may find it disappointing, while others might think it's a dubious drama. Young people will certainly be disappointed that it didn't live to their expectations.

The matured know that this is the case. The past glorious lives belongs in the past. The future belongs in the future. They can coexist in fact and only the memories that are still fresh are kept.

Past and current storylines I love stories with a past and a present. There is often a short shot fired within a time frame, but the majority of times it is taken during the main timeframe.

The ability to switch between the past, present and future is a great feature. The story gets more interesting when you see things from the past and the present.

The plot of the show is interesting and creative, but there are too many gaps that make the show seem like an endless list of "why's". In some comic scenes you can laugh, while in others you may cry.

The director did an excellent job and ended the drama in a relaxed manner. But the script still contained holes and some situations were not properly resolved. The scenes and photography are both well edited. There were no major editing mistakes.

Characters are also very relatable. They're all fun to watch. Hu Yi Tian is excellent in his role as Xiang Yu Qin Yu / Chi Yu. Although he has many lines, it seems that he is still keeping his mysteriously cold side.

Chen Yu Qi makes a good female lead. He is a good choice for the role of Jin A Yin / Jin Zi. The character is creative, cheerful and sometimes a little naive. He can be a stand-alone character, despite being poor.

Hu Yi Tian's and Chen Yu Qi's chemistry is good and doesn't look forced. Their romance is perfect and they fit in perfectly.

They are friendly and do not interfere with the story.

While some scenes may seem silly at first, they improve with time.

Some parts of the show felt unnecessary.

This series' ending is not satisfactory. I prefer a happy and satisfying ending to an open-ended, cryptic one (personal opinion). See You Again is an entertaining drama with its acting, storyline, and chemistry.

My Verdict

See You Again in Chinese is an entertaining drama. The concept is very different from other time-travel stories, and it's executed well. The characters, acting and chemistry are also excellent.

You should definitely watch this. See You Again Chinese Drama Review: 7,9/10.


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