Statement That Video Games Cause Violence Is A Misconception

There were many innovations in the 20th-century, one of which was videogames. Video games can be used as entertainment media. Violence is a very common trope in videogames. Our society generally views violence with some exceptions. This is why some people oppose video games. These people believe video games can cause violent behavior in children. Because they feel it is right, they won’t let their children touch video games. It is OK for parents to not allow their children to play videogames. But, if they believe that videogames are causing violence, this is an issue. It is false to believe that video games cause violence. In reality, they reduce violence and act as a way for people to help others.

Due to the amount of data created and shared, it is believed that video games can cause violence. It is a common belief that video games cause violence. Grand Theft Auto is one example of a game that could be considered morally unacceptable. This game allows you to commit many crimes for pleasure or punishment. This game’s violence has led to many people questioning their morality. However, violent games do not necessarily cause violent actions in people. According to the APA, four time-series analyses examined the association between violent crime (homicides or aggravated attacks), videogame sales, Internet keyword search for violent videogame guides, and the release date of violent video games (both annual and monthly). Contrary to claims that violent games are associated with aggressive assaults or homicides in America, there was no evidence to support this claim. Many of these results indicated that violent videogames were associated with a decline in violent crime. These unexpected findings may have different explanations. Researchers are advised not to generalize laboratory and correlational results to violent forms of violence.

This research shows that there is no direct evidence linking violent crime to increased violence in video games. This myth is not totally unfounded. People are playing violent games and one might assume that this would translate to real life. Parents don’t always consider the contexts in which violent games are played. Call of Duty usually lets you play the role of a soldier to try and save the world or defeat any antagonist(s). You’re usually a hero. It is easier for people to enjoy the game if they are likeable. The majority of video game protagonists can also be seen as role models. Mario, Sonic and Link are all heroes in their respective video games. Each of them has different desirable traits. Link’s incredible courage and Master Chief’s willingness to self-sacrifice are just two examples. Even so, not every video game is violent. You can play video games that let you do other activities, such as golfing and dancing. All video games are blamed for violence because they are often associated with violent games. This creates misinformation and hurts both the gaming industry itself and other related industries. This essay will answer the following question: “Do videogames cause violent behavior?”

The many ways that people use video games has helped to reduce violence. There are many reasons people become more aggressive, regardless of whether they are aware of it. First-person shooters are the main gaming genre that is responsible for increased aggression. Call of Duty has been the most successful first-person gamer series. Call of Duty gives you the opportunity to take on the role of a variety of soldiers. Your mission is to kill people. This gaming genre is widely believed to promote violence. But, in fact, they are much more likely to make hate materials than non-players. A wide variety of content is available on the internet, which makes it a great resource for everyone. Most of the content on the internet is hateful. Video games may help reduce violence, but studies have shown that males are 1.76x more likely than females to make hate material online. This study shows that video games can act as an outlet for anger. The fact that men are creating more hate material online than women suggests that men are being more aggressive than women. Video games enable people to do things in virtual life that they are not able to do in real-life. Some games are designed to relax. All of the examples I have given show how gaming can be used to express aggression.

While many believe that violence is increasing overtime and videogames are to blame, it has actually prevented crime. Although some may think that violence is increasing, it is actually the opposite. It is a lie to believe that crime is increasing. According to Brennan Center For Justice

“The 1991 peak of the national crime rate was 5,856 crimes per 100,000 residents. Since then, it has been decreasing steadily. For the 14th consecutive year, crime declined in 2015. According to preliminary data, 2016’s overall crime rate is expected to remain stable at 2,857 per 100,000. This will be less than 1% more than 2015. The crime rate today is half that of 1991.

The internet and its ease of dissemination can partially explain this phenomenon. Media will report anything extremely disturbing. People will hear about these horrific acts of violence. This is unlike the past when it was spread much more quickly. This can also be a reason for the misconception. However, it is a fabrication. Although there are many possible reasons to prevent violence, the simple answer to this question is not something most people think about. It is true, however, and it is something that I don’t see being brought up in any conversations about violence and games. Video games can reduce the time it takes for criminals to commit crimes. This logic shows that video games can positively impact crime.

It states that violent crime rates do not rise when violent video games are released. Instead, they drop because gamers are too busy playing the games.

This is evident when popular games like FallOut or GTA are released and played by a lot of people. This is supported by data.

“When violent games were sold for 10% more, crime rates fell by 0.3%. This was a decrease which is not possible when compared to the non-violent gaming market. This effect wasn’t just evident in violent games but also in violent movies. For every 1,000,000 people who saw a violent movie, crime rates fell 1.1%.

Many people find this media appealing, but that does not make them more violent and aggressive. People may enjoy playing violent games, but this does not mean they will kill in real-life. Most people have a moral compass which keeps them on track. These games allow people to express their anger at violence. You need to limit the time you spend playing video games. However, this is essential to preventing crime.

It’s difficult to believe that video gaming can cause so many problems. According to the ESA, 65% of American households have someone who plays videogames regularly. 67 percent of American households also own a device that allows them to do so. We know almost everyone is familiar with video games. Many families share their consoles or play together, which is a reminder of how integrated gaming is into many first-world countries. Nearly every household has a console or some other device that allows it to play games. You don’t have to use consoles to play videogames. Computers and phones are also options. School shootings are something everyone hates and many blame video games for. School shootings can be a very sensitive subject. Some people feel that video games are responsible for the horrific acts of violence. “…around 20% of school shooting victims were violent video game players, compared with nearly 70% of nonviolent shooters.” This means that less than half of the shooters actually play video games. Even so, there are more non-aggressive gamers than violent and aggressive people. These games are often blamed for the problems, even though they seem to reduce crime.

Video games are not violent because they have very little to do w/ the likelihood of someone committing a crime. Henry Jenkins, a MIT Professor discovered that the United States has a lower rate than it had in 30 years of juvenile violent crimes. Researchers discovered that people who have been sentenced to time for violent offenses tend to consume fewer media before committing their crimes. The majority of criminals have a plan to prevent them from committing a crime. This is not just an American thing.

According to NewZoo’s gaming market research firm, Japan’s video game population was 60 percent in 2016. The country bans handguns and rifles from being carried, sold, bought, or purchased. reports that Japan saw six gun-related deaths in 2014, compared to more than 33,000 in the United States.

First-person shooters are a popular gaming genre. There seems to not be any correlation between their use and the number of gun crimes. It does not matter if someone is playing a game before committing a crime. The majority of people are rational thinkers and understand the consequences of their actions. Even with those who may not be able think as well, they still have people to support them. It is more difficult to help people who are unable to think for themselves.

Despite the belief that video games can make children more violent and aggressive, they actually help prevent this from happening. Video games offer different ways to deal with anger. Because you’re doing something you don’t normally do in real-life, video games can provide a way to release stress. Even though the games allow for more freedom, they can help someone vent their stress. Gaming can be used to help you cope with stress. You can also play games and not commit crimes if you are spending your time there. This information is what most people overlook when claiming that video games are causing real-world crimes. There are many technological breakthroughs that have occurred in the 20th-century. Some have allowed for more violence, but videogames is not one. The world has benefited greatly from video games. It has provided millions of jobs that have been used to enhance creativity and to teach children and adults alike. In addition, it has made people’s lives so much more enjoyable. It is sad that videogames are being blamed when they aren’t causing problems, but are actually improving.


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