The Influence Of Pop Culture On People

Pop culture is primarily transmitted through mass media and is aimed at younger generations. The most used media are television, videogames, and the Internet. Pop culture is never the same. The content is always new and only meets the needs of the public, including political debates, strange phenomena, entertainment and any other celebrity-related topics. Pop culture never stops learning new things and pop culture never stops changing. The public always learns new information from it, no matter how important it may be to them. Pop culture’s ever-changing forward is great for you.

In the beginning, there was only one channel on the television set. Today, it can record multiple programs simultaneously via remote and hand movements. The content has changed and the programs are now more relevant to the viewers. Steven Johnson is a journalist and author of Everything Bad For You: How Today’s Popular Culture Actually Makes Us Smarter. (2005, 278). Television viewers want more than mindless programs. TV Networks want to show programs similar to 24, but not based on plot. As Johnson stated, TV networks want programs that are easy to understand and follow. These games have been entertaining for decades, regardless of whether it is a Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo console. The storyline of these games has been a highlight. A game’s story must keep players interested and be compelling until the end. Tom Bissell is a Portland State University professor and the author of Extra Lives. Why Video Games Matter. He says that in a vast world such as Fallout 3 where there are many opportunities to feel lost and alone, the story can provide direction, if not more, (Bissell 359). Story telling is the only thing that keeps players engaged. You must pay attention not only to the strategy but also to the clues, puzzles and predictions about the ending. Not just pushing buttons to move on to the next stage, but focusing completely on the story and controls is what allows you to go on.

Internet is one of few inventions that is widely utilized around the globe. It is also very valuable in today’s modern world. The internet is used for many purposes, including communication, entertainment, research, and creating. Malcolm Gladwell, a writer for the New Yorker, says, “This is the second crucial distinction between traditional activism and its online variant: social media are not about this kind of hierarchical organization…[They] are tools for building networks” (Gladwell 323). Gladwell states that the internet allows for a new type of structure. It is resilient and can adapt to “low-risk” situations. It’s more likely than not that the structure will be removed again. The internet is a place where nothing can be truly deleted. When combined, the creativity of one mind can create amazing creations. This is a group of people who do not have a leader but still manage to function well without being physically close.

Parents are concerned most about how much time they spend on certain sites and channels. Parents can block channels and sites that are causing concern, or check which games they consider inappropriate. Another solution is to monitor how long the child spends on their device. The child could spend more time outside with his friends or family, or simply enjoy some quality time together. The child may be more productive if they are focusing on the important tasks at hand, such chores, homework, or other projects. The temptation to spend too much time on electronic gadgets is strong. However, this can be countered by focusing on other important tasks.

Of course, not everyone is the same. The majority of people would disagree that TV is good for average viewers. Dana Stevens (a movie critic for Slate magazine) writes that “… watching TV can teach you to watch more TV. This truth was already understood by the Teletubbies. Steven Johnson’s article did not prove that TV makes you smarter.

Pop culture has existed for centuries, if not decades. Only the way it is shared and discussed has changed. Although television had a poor reputation, it was still useful when people needed to know the current situation. While video games were originally intended for children, they are now a popular way to enjoy some free time with well-planned adventures. The internet is like television. It has its ups and downs, but ultimately it can be used by anyone who wants to research, create, or interact with others at any time. The internet, television and video games will all allow society to share the most recent information on any topic that is popular.


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