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Harry Porter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, a British-American film released in 2001. Chris Columbus is the director of this fantasy film. The movie was based on J. K. Rowling’s Harry Porter, The Sorcerer’s Stone. This is the best part of Harry Potter! Because I find it difficult to choose a book, I tend to reread those I’ve already read. The Lord of The Rings was based on J. R. Tolkien’s novel The Lord of The Rings. Peter Jackson produced and directed the movie. Since their release, the two movies have been hugely popular. The two fictional stories are a subject of much debate. In the essay that follows, we will compare and contrast elements from two fictional stories.

PlotBoth movies revolve around a magical, imaginary and superficial world. Harry Potter’s plot revolves around a young, orphaned, poor boy who must defeat an evil force to save his world. In the same way, Frodo had to defeat an evil force in Lord of The Rings. Harry Potter killed Dark Lord Voldemort. Frodo defeated Dark Lord Sauron. The Harry Potter series is for young adults, while Lord of the Rings is an adventure epic that’s not for everyone and has an upper age limit. Harry Potter has a plot that revolves around Harry’s life and how he deals with problems in his everyday life. Lord of the Rings, on the other hand covers the stories of nine characters and their stories after they have been separated. The writer creates a whole new mythical universe for the viewers.

CharactersIn each movie, characters have human traits that make it easy for the audience to connect with them. Both movies feature mentors for the protagonists. Both movies have mentors that help bring calm to the scenes of the movies when everything seems lost. Harry Potter’s and Frodo’s stories are similar. Both were orphans. They both found themselves in a magical realm they had no knowledge of. Harry was required to fight The Dark Lord Voldemort. Frodo must have traveled to Mount Doom in order to cast The One Ring to defeat Darklord Sauron. Both of the main antagonists share many similarities. Both Sauron & Voldemort aimed for total control & power. The objects they used had their power instilled into them, which enabled them to survive after both stories started, even though the object was destroyed. Voldemort was the owner of the horcruxes and Sauron owned one ring. Both Dark Lords were fearsome to mention.

SettingIn the Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s stones movie, the setting is described without the need for useless Jargon. The school’s image was created by the producer at the start of the film, as the story unfolded. The Lord of the Rings is a movie that has characters moving through many different locations as the story develops. This movie’s setting requires more depth because it doesn’t include the real Earth. This story’s writer tries to bring a little bit of reality into the setting. In order to give the setting an old-world feel, he gives it a vintage look. In Harry Potter’s story, the castle is still there, but the story takes place in the present.

ThemesThe two films have very different themes. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone focuses on themes of love and death. The Lord of The Rings is a traditional epic movie with a more conventional context. It is a story that deals with many themes, including good and evil, immortality and death, hope and desperation, as well as knowledge and enlightenment. The Lord of the Rings theme of magic, for example, is reflected. However it’s not something to celebrate but rather to shun and destroy. Aragorn, Boromir and other characters are asked to stay away from the magic powers of the ring. Boromir is killed after he seeks the power of the ring. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Sword, on the contrary, treats the same subject of magic very differently. The movie’s human characters encourage and accept sorcery and magic. Conclusion: Some themes in both movies may appear similar, but they are interpreted in different ways.

Motifs And SymbolsThe Lord of The Rings includes a variety of symbols like the ring, Sauron’s great eye and even the Minas Tirith. The ring symbolizes the evil that is shown in the film. Similarly, the great-eye of Sauron represents the elusiveness of evil. The movie has a number of themes, including geography, race and appearance. The writer, for example, uses the journey as a symbol of human experience. Other races like elves and humans are also used. Orcs and Hobbits are used as a way to display the diverse nature of the realm. Harry Potter’s Sorcerer Stone, on the other hand describes muggles in a non-magical world. This is in contrast with wizards that are known for having magical powers. Dursleys, who are cruel and selfish people, are an example of a muggle. Harry’s scar represents certain unique and amazing facts about Harry, which he had no idea. The scar is an honor because it shows that he was able to survive a major battle.

ConclusionAlthough both stories were written decades apart, viewers can still compare their components because of the genres of fantasy in the two films. The movies all revolve around a fantasy-based concept. The concepts of the two stories are different, but they share similar storylines. Both movies can reflect some concepts, but they are viewed from different perspectives because of their conflicting stories. The main theme of the film was dealing with the evils that were reflected. The comparisons and differences that are made in the discussion above encompass both.


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