The Main Character And His Journey In The Groundhog Day Movie

Ground Hog Day tells the story of a Pittsburgh-based news reporter, Phil Connors. Phile had to write a report on Groundhog Day about a groundhog who also went by the name Phile. Phil went on with his day as usual after he finished the report. The following morning, Phil woke at 6am as usual and was surprised to hear the same radio station playing “I Got You Babe”. Phil was puzzled by the fact that he kept experiencing the same thing day after day. He thought he was free to do whatever he wanted because his days were not changing. No one would stop him. He was soon tired of the same days and tried to commit suicide. None worked so he decided to try and change his ways. After many days of helping others and being more nice, the day changed.

Question: Why would Phil change his lifestyle?

Phil didn’t want to live the same life every day. He found it boring. Phil was tired from doing the wrong things and tried to end his own life because it didn’t work. That’s why he began to change and help others so that his day would be different.


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