University Guide 2023: Middlesex University

At present, the fees for undergraduate courses for full-time students in the UK are at £9,250 per year. This equates to a total cost of £27,750 for a standard three-year degree programme. If a student chooses to pursue their studies on a part-time basis, the fees will be based on the number of credits they take, with the current rate being £77 per taught credit for UK students.

Completing a full undergraduate programme involves obtaining 360 credits, which are divided among modules, with each module carrying a different credit weighting.

For the 2022/2023 academic year, bursaries and scholarships worth over £200,000 will be offered to UK students. Additionally, international students, including those from the European Union, are eligible for awards. A complete list of bursaries and scholarships and their application process is readily available to interested individuals.

The university offers a considerable number of accommodation options either owned, managed, or endorsed by the institution. In the 2021/2022 academic year, there were 1,139 available slots. Individuals renting in a self-catering hall or house should expect to pay at least £152.74 per week, with the maximum rate being £188.02 per week.

Should you require any assistance or information, please contact us through our telephone hotline at +44 (0)208 411 5555 or email us at For inquiries regarding accommodation, please reach out to You can also visit our website,, for more details.


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